294. (Geoffrey Hill)

In my last post on Geoffrey Hill’s last work, The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin I wrote that … More

293. (Donald Davie)

Donald Davie’s The Purity of Diction in English Verse is, first and foremost, a recovery of poetry written within the … More

292. (John Donne)

Of the true metaphysical conceit, the critic James Smith (in “On Metaphysical Poetry”) says, hesitating before his extravagant language, “it … More

290. (Edward Taylor)

Edward Taylor’s poetry affirms the divided, fallen self differently from other poet in the broad metaphysical tradition. Here is “The … More

289. (Robert Frost)

How stupidly, carelessly I misread and misheard “Directive,” failing first to read it for what it was saying, and second … More

288. (Paul Tillich)

Paul Tillich draws together the challenge of hermeneutics—and hermeneutics as criticism knows it especially—with the insights of absolute idealism. That … More

287. (anonymous)

  Summer is icumin in– Lhude sing, cuccu! Groweth sed and bloweth med   [blows mead] And springth the wude nu.  … More